Applying for a New Service

Depending on the circumstances at the physical location, there are different processes to activating an electricity service agreement with CUC. The process and workflow relevant to you will be determined by the type of service required, and whether there is an existing metered connection in place for the service location in question.

The most common type of service request is a transfer or reconnection of service for an existing metered service location that does not require a Building Control electrical inspection, such as where a tenant or new owner is moving into an existing property with an established service connection. Information about the application for service at an existing metered service location can be found here.

Other processes include:

  • Applying for connection of a newly constructed property (inclusive of houses and large-scale developments).
  • Applying for connection of a temporary service for construction purposes.
  • Reconnecting a service that was disconnected at the weather head or has been disconnected for 6 months.

For guidance on the different processes, see the following stages as may be applicable to your circumstances:

Before You Build:

Early stage Development | New Construction | 4-6 business days

If you are:

  • A developer beginning a new project.
  • Seeking large scale solar implementation.
  • Building in a location where electricity lines are not present.
  • In need of a service larger than 200 amps or any three-phase service.

Your service connection may require additional tasks to be performed which fall outside of the typical timeline. In some instances, you may also be required to pay additional charges in aide of construction, such as where the connection of service requires more than 1000ft of overhead line construction in order to provide electricity to the property.

Please contact the CUC team at 949-5200 or to determine the best way forward. A CUC planner will contact you within 4-6 business days and can assist with inspecting the property to provide guidance on any charges or atypical work required for the installation of infrastructure.

Infrastructure can include hardware such as utility poles, transformers and other essential equipment. If your service does not meet the above criteria, this does not apply to you.

Generally, if you are planning to build or in the early process of building, please see our T&D Standards and Customer Service Code as references for your project.

Permits and Approvals:

New Construction | Existing Service (disconnected at the meter for 6 months or at the weather head) | 2 business days

A Building Control electrical inspection by the Cayman Islands Government's Department of Planning is required to connect electrical supply to:

  • A new property or development, including:
    • Temporary Electricity Supply. (A temporary power supply is a connection on site to provide electricity supply for construction work. Temporary Electricity Supply connections are allowed for up to six months, with a short extension available if work is close to completion. After this time, the service should be applied and inspected for permanent service connection or be disconnected.)
    • Agricultural Service.
    • Permanent Electricity Supply.
  • The installation of a renewable energy system - typically solar PV. (Note that the installation of a non-utility scale, renewable energy system intended to be interconnected to the grid will require application and approval for existing distributed renewable generation programmes - see CORE or DER for more details.)
  • A property where the electricity supply has been disconnected for 6 months or longer.
  • A property that was disconnected at the weather head or distribution transformer for repairs.

The request for electrical inspection must be made directly to Building Control in the Department of Planning. Once the inspection is completed by Building Control, it is sent to CUC via email from their Online Planning System.

Please note that, from time to time, there is a delay of 1-2 days between the completion of the inspection by Building Control and receipt of the same by CUC.

Within 2 business days of receipt of the approved inspection, a CUC representative will initiate a work order with the requisite details and will contact the individual whose contact information is provided on the inspection form.

The representative will request that the intended account holder apply for service and submit the application to our customer service team. Applications will NOT be processed prior to the receipt of the inspection. The receipt of the inspection in conjunction with the completed application and deposit will trigger the next stage of the electricity service workflow.

Service Application:

All Customers and Electrical Service Connections | 2 business days

A service application is required to establish a CUC account and have the electricity connection finalized.

Once a completed CUC application is received, the request will be processed by a representative within 2 business days.

For a property with preexisting electrical service, which has had electricity in the last 6 months, the electricity will be activated within the 2-day time frame.

For services instigated by a Building Control inspection, continue to Electricity Service Connection.

Electricity Service Connection:

New Construction | Existing Service (disconnected at the weather head) | 5-15 business days

Electricity services that require a Building Control inspection also require equipment installation.

The work order initiated as a result of the electrical inspection by Building Control (accompanied by a completed service application) is assigned to a CUC Planner who will visit the site to ascertain the work and materials required upon completion of the site visit. Details will be provided to the technical teams for service installation. The standard time for this process to the point of connection is 5-15 business days, depending on the complexity of the work required.

Timelines are also dependent upon weather conditions. Occasionally, site issues are identified by our team and have to be addressed before the work can proceed. In these instances communication will be issued by way of the contact details listed on the Building Control inspection and CUC service application.


Submitting Your Application for Service:

Now that you are aware of the prerequisites for connection, you are ready to complete a CUC service application. Each application also requires the provision of the below-noted items. Additional forms or information may be required, and you will be advised upon review of submitted documents of any further items needed.

CUC Service Application Supporting documentation required:

  • Lease Agreement or Land Registry supporting the applicant(s) as an authorized party for the account.
  • Photo ID (of all authorized signatories).
  • Security Deposit.
  • Business Entity Documents, if applicable, including:
    • Trade and Business License or Certificate of Incorporation.
    • List of Authorized Signatures (Registrar of Companies).

Please have your supporting documents available in an electronic format prior to starting your application online, as the application web-form will allow these documents to uploaded directly into the application package for submission.

Completion of the Electrical Service Application form, including the upload of supporting information and electronic signature process typically takes 15-20 minutes. If you have any questions regarding the process, please email or call 949-5200 to speak to a member of the Customer Service team.

Submit Your Application Here


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