Applying for Service at an Existing Location

If you are moving into a rented or purchased residence that already has an established permanent service connection, see the process below to setup your CUC account.

If you are applying for service at a location where the meter has been disconnected for 6 months or longer, or where the service wires have been disconnected from the weather head or distribution transformer, a Building Control electrical inspection will be required to re-establish the metered service. Please see more information here.

To establish your CUC account for the metered service location, CUC requires a completed service application form, inclusive of supporting documentation, and payment of a security deposit (except where applying for PrePay services). Please be advised that during periods of high demand, processing new applications may take up to 3 business days to activate the account (once all requirements are met).

There are two application options available for customers – where the named applicant is an individual person(s) and where the applicant is a commercial or corporate entity. In the case of a corporate application form, there will be a few additional requirements and supporting documents necessary to process the application and establish the service account.

CUC Service Application Supporting Documentation Required:

  • Lease Agreement or Land Registry supporting the applicant(s) as an authorized party for the account.
  • Photo ID (of all authorized signatories).
  • Security Deposit (if Post Paid Service).

Additional Supporting Documents Required (Corporate Application):

  • Trade and Business License or Certificate of Incorporation
  • List of Authorized Signatories (Registrar of Companies)


Please have your supporting documents available in an electronic format prior to starting your application online, as the application web-form will allow these documents to be uploaded directly into the application package for submission.

Completion of the Electrical Service Application form, including the upload of supporting information and electronic signature process typically takes 15-20 minutes. If you have any questions regarding the process, please email or call 949-5200 to speak to a member of the Customer Service team.

Submit Your Application Here

For information related to transferring an account held in the name of a deceased individual, please see here.

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