An approved Building Control electrical inspection by the Cayman Islands Government's Department of Planning is required to connect electrical supply to:

  • A new property or development, including:
    • Temporary Electricity Supply: (A temporary electricity supply is a connection on site to provide electricity for construction work. Temporary Electricity Supply connections are allowed for up to six months, with a short extension available if work is close to completion. After this time you must apply for inspection and receive approval for permanent service connection, or be disconnected.)
    • Agricultural Service.
    • Permanent Electricity Supply.
  • A renewable energy system - typically solar PV. (Note that the installation of a non-utility scale, renewable energy system intended to be interconnected to the CUC power grid will require application and approval for existing distributed renewable generation programmes - see CORE or DER for more details.)
  • A property where the electricity supply has been disconnected for 6 months or longer.
  • A property that was disconnected at the weather head or distribution transformer for repairs.

The request for electrical inspection must be made directly to Building Control in the Department of Planning. Once the inspection is completed by Building Control, it is sent to CUC via email from their Online Planning System.

Please note that from time to time there is a delay between the completion of the inspection by Building Control and receipt of the same by CUC.

Within 2 business days of receipt of the approved inspection, a CUC representative will initiate a work order with the requisite details and will contact the individual whose contact information is provided on the inspection form.

The representative will request that the intended account holder apply for service via our online application form, which is automatically submitted to our customer service team for processing. It is important to note that applications will NOT be processed prior to the receipt of the inspection approval. The receipt of the inspection in conjunction with the completed application and deposit will trigger the next stage of the electricity service workflow.

Customers are advised to have their block and parcel information available when communicating with CUC representatives regarding this process, as it is a primary field used to identify specific Building Control inspection approvals.

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