CORE Programme

With the introduction of Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT) for the purchase of energy from customer-sited, renewable energy systems in early 2009 as a pilot programme, CUC entered a new era of relationship with a component of its customer base who sought to install and interconnect to the grid distributed, renewable generating resources. Drawing from early lessons demonstrated in other jurisdictions from first-generation solar programmes, the FIT Pilot Programme developed a structure where participating customers with an interest in environmentally friendly, renewable generation were able to sell their renewable energy at a feed-in-tariff rate for credit.

In 2011, the FIT Pilot Programme was revised and approved by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), culminating in the Consumer Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Programme. CORE is a net-billing renewable energy programme, where CORE customers are charged normal retail energy rates for all energy they consume and are provided a credit by CUC for the purchase of all energy their CORE generation system produces. Customers are able to apply to interconnect renewable energy systems through the CORE Programme, subject to available capacity limits set by their service characteristics, the CORE Programme terms, and grid system and technical limitations. The CORE Programme allows two types of renewable energy system interconnections - Customer-Tie and Grid-Tie - which provides flexibility for customers to choose an installation type that best suits their site characteristics.

The CORE Programme, which has been in place since February 2011, is continuously reviewed and updated as needed by The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg). Early CORE Credit rates were established to encourage the uptake of customer-sited renewable energy systems and help grow the renewable energy sector. Over time, as the local installation costs for renewable energy systems have declined and the sector has grown and matured, CORE rates have been incrementally reduced at instances of new capacity allocation to reflect the lower cost of customer-sited renewable energy systems and to reduce upward pressures on general energy costs paid by all consumers.

The CORE Programme reflects current successful practices in Europe and North America for the promotion of consumer generated renewable energy through feed-in-tariff structures.

If you have purchased a home with a CORE Agreement, you will need to transfer the Agreement into your name. Please complete the CORE Agreement Transfer Form here.

For further information and the submission of application forms, e-mail us at


To apply for the CORE Programme click here.

Some customers with renewable energy systems may also choose to install battery storage for grid backup or other purposes. Customers seeking to install battery storage should complete and submit the Battery Installation Application Form to ensure all technical requirements are met.


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