What is e-billing?

e-Billing, or electronic billing, is the electronic delivery of invoices (bills) and related information by way of email to customers.

How does it work?

Once customers are signed up for e-Billing, as soon as monthly billing is completed, CUC also creates and distributes digital (PDF) statements to e-Billing customers. The obvious advantage of an e-Bill from a customer's perspective relates to timing. The customer no longer needs to wait for a printed bill to arrive in the mail. Electronic billing statements are also easily stored and accessible for future reference, if needed. Additionally, the reduction of printed bills and envelopes helps to reduce the environmental impact of the billing process.

How can I sign-up for e-Billing?

  1. Send a request for e-Billing services via e-mail to service@cuc.ky. Remember to include the email address you require the e-Bill to be sent to. Please note this method will only be accepted if the request is received from a previously validated email address.
  2. Mail or fax a letter addressed to the Supervisor Customer Service requesting e-Billing services, inclusive of a copy of your Photo ID for verification purposes.
  3. Complete a Customer Update Form.
  4. Visit our Customer Service Centre.

If I enroll in e-Billing, will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

Once you sign-up for e-Billing, paper bills will no longer be printed or mailed for your account.

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