Billing Dates and Due Dates

Billing Statement Issue Date:

Billing statements are typically issued within the first 5 business days of each month. If a customer account has been established within 5 days from the end of a month, the first billing statement will be issued after the following month. Customer billing statements are issued via email or as paper copies in the mail as per the customer’s preference. CUC encourages all customers to switch to emailed billing statements to reduce paper waste – please visit Update Contact Information and Sign up for E-billing.

Statement Due Date:

The most immediate billing due dates will be reflected on the billing statement. Current charges are due 21 days after the billing statement issue date. For delinquent accounts, billing statements are issued with a “Disconnection Notice” for customer awareness and the most immediate due date will be the listed as the same date as the billing statement issue date (as a previously billed amount is overdue). For more information regarding account delinquency and the disconnection process, please see Disconnections.

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