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How do I contact CUC?

Telephone: 345.949.5200

Outages & Emergencies: 345.949.5200 option 1 (for fires and downed poles call 911 first)

Customer Service: 345.949.5200 option 4

Customer Service:

Public Relations & CUC Enquires:

Human Resources:


What if I want to Pay CUC directly?

Checks or drafts can be mailed to CUC’s attention or submitted via the drop box located at the Administrative building on Sparky Drive. Payments over the phone, via our website and through our remote payment agents are also directly received by CUC, see: Remote Payment Agents, With a Debit or Credit Card or Other.

If I can’t pay my entire bill this month, what do I do in that instance?

You are required to call or email our offices, to determine if you qualify for a:

  • Payment Extension – the due date of a bill can be extended for a maximum of one month. Bills can be extended for a total of three times in a calendar year and cannot be extended in consecutive months. For more information: see Payment Extension.
  • Payment Plan - the outstanding balance on your account is divided into installments to be paid over time. Each month, your total payments due include the amount of your current month’s bill, plus the amount of any Payment Plan installments due that month. For more information see: Payment Plans. To apply for a Payment Plan click here: Request a Payment Plan.

What is My CUC and why should I use it when there is QuickPay?

My CUC provides you more access to be up to date with your account. You can remit payment through Quick Pay just the same but My CUC provides you with the ability to view your bills and consumption. It has user friendly tools to ensure your bill is paid on time and review your consumption before your bill is issued. See My CUC (PowerPay) and Quick Pay.

Why does CUC not accept payments in office?

To offer greater convenience to our customers:

Our offices are only open to customers Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. However, the majority of our Remote Payment Agents are open to take CUC payments between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.

We are now offering Pre-Pay electricity services and the timing offered by our remote payment agents provide greater flexibility for top up.

We are able to provide enhanced customer service and address customer queries and needs which can be addressed in person, over the phone and via email.


Should I notify CUC about outages or are you aware of them?

To see if your outage has already been identified by our team please visit our Outage Map.

If your general location is not highlighted on the map, please report the outage by calling (949-5200) and selecting option 1 or this can also be done online at Report a Power Outage. If you may have been disconnected for non-payment, please call the customer service department during business hours at For more information visit: Power Outages.


How many bills does CUC allow on the account before disconnecting?

You are eligible to be disconnected 30 days from the date that the bill is issued. Once one bill becomes past due you are eligible for disconnection. If you are not able to pay your bill on or before the due date please contact CUC to see if you qualify for a payment arrangement or extension. See Disconnections for more information. 

How will I know that my account is up for disconnection?

Our disconnection dates are uploaded to our website monthly, see more information here: Disconnections. If your contact details are current, you will also receive a call, text and email prior to disconnection.

If I have been disconnected can I come to the CUC offices to pay my bill?

No, payments are not accepted at our office. However, payments over the phone, via our website and at one of the remote payment agent locations are all linked directly to our system and will result in a work order being created for reconnection.

Typically, reconnection occurs within 1 - 2 hours after the work order has been generated. Our immediate payment methods include, With a Debit or Credit Card and Remote Payment Agents.

Customer Account:

How do I apply for a CUC account?

See Applying for a New Service or Applying for a Different Service Location (Moving) for more details.

 Is a deposit always required?

Deposits are required for all PostPaid CUC accounts, irrespective of ownership or position. PrePay Electricity Services do not require a deposit.

How is the security deposit calculated?

Our system provides a calculation of the average monthly bill at the location over the last 6 months, then it’s multiplied by 1.5. This provides you with a month and a half (six weeks) average billing amount for the property. 

After 6 months of established service and credit with CUC we can recalculate your deposit based on your consumption at the location. If the deposit requirement is less at that time you can be refunded for the difference.

How do I pay the security deposit?

Security deposits should be paid by card through Quick Pay.

Are e-signatures accepted on your forms?

E-signatures are accepted and legally binding once done via Adobe Sign or a licensed computer software, e-signatures are not accepted otherwise.

How do I add a spouse or additional account holder to my account?

You and the additional person must complete an sign the Application for Electrical Service and provide copies of both ID’s. See Update Contact Information and Sign up for E-billing. You and your spouse or additional account holder must have the same sir name issued on your legal photo ID.  See Adding or Removing a Co-Applicant for greater detail.

 My parent died and the electricity is in their name, what do I do now?

We understand that this is already a difficult time, so we offer a few options that may best suit you.

  1. If there is a living person on the Land Register the account can be transferred into that name see service requirements and more information here: Updating an Account in a Deceased Persons Name
  2. Alternatively you can provide the will in probate or letter of administration, depending on the details of the document this will allow the named person/ the administrator to convert the electrical account to a living person’s name. For service requirements and more information here: Updating an Account in a Deceased Persons Name
  3. If no documentation is readily available and the family is awaiting a court order contact the customer service team at to discuss available options with a supervisor. 

I have a new phone number/email address, how do I update my contact details?

You can update your contact details by completing a Customer Update Form visit: Update Contact Information and Sign up for E-billing.

How do I purchase shares in CUC?

For information please read our article which provides details concerning our Customer Share Purchase Plan (CSPP).


When are bills issued?

Bills are usually issued within the first 5 business days of the month. E-Billing customers receive bills within 48 hours of issuance. Paper bill recipients can expect to receive bills 1.5 to 2 weeks from issuance. See more information at Billing Dates and Due Dates.  If you would like to convert to e-billing, please see Update Contact Information and Sign up for E-billing.

 When are bills usually due?

Bills are due 21 days after they are issued. If there is a past due amount included on your monthly bill it becomes due immediately.  See more information at Billing Dates and Due Dates.

How does CUC bill customers?

Your meter is read monthly and is billed according to the amount of kWh's consumed during that period. View Understanding your Bill and Billable Rates to learn more. 

How can I track my consumption? How can I budget for my bill?

You can sign up for My CUC where you will have access to Customer Connect. Customer Connect provides you with a view of your meter consumption on a daily basis. There is a tool which allows you to see the estimated bill amount for the consumption utilized up until today. See My CUC (PowerPay).

My family member is ill and I handle all of their bills, what should I provide to CUC?

Your family member can sign a Customer Directive Form or write a letter giving you authority to access their account information and utility bills, ensure they supply a valid photo ID with this request.  Alternatively, a power of attorney can be obtained and provided as well.


How do I locate underground electrical cables before digging?

Contact our Customer Service Department at to request that a CUC Planner visit your location and identify underground wiring.

I need a streetlight in my area, what do I do now?

To request a streetlight installation at a monthly charge please complete the Application for Security Lighting, for more information visit: Street Lights and Poles.

 The streetlight in my area is not working, how do I request a repair?

You can report the street light at Street Lights and Poles.

What do I do when there is a tree in the power lines?

Do not attempt to trim the tree yourself.  See more information at Tree Trimming and Power Lines.


How can I apply for a job at CUC?

Check out the Careers section on our website or contact our Human Resources Department at


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