Guidance Where an Account Holder is Deceased

Firstly, we empathize with you during this time. We do our best to assist and make this process as easy as possible for our customers in this situation. 

If you would like to close the account:

To close the CUC account we require a copy of the death certificate and completion of a Termination Request Form

If you need to transfer the account in to your name:

We will require a copy of the land registry which includes your name or the will in probate or letter of administration confirming your entitlement to the property in question. 

In addition we will also require that all of our application criteria be met as per our procedures, which can be viewed here.

If you would like to access the bills:

While you are gathering all the necessary documentation we can assist by providing information on any bill amounts needed to remit payment. However, we will require the account to be transferred to a PrePay service or into the name of the authorized living individual or company as soon as possible. 

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