Payment Plans

Need More Time to Pay?

CUC customers facing difficulty paying their account balance (delinquent or otherwise) may be eligible to establish a short-term payment plan.

How Do Payment Plans Work?

Payment plans allow up to the total outstanding charges on an account to be bundled into a lump-sum plan amount, which is then divided into installments to be paid over time. The repayment plan may be as long as three months, or shorter if so desired by the customer. Customers must make a minimum frequency of monthly payment installments; however, a customer may choose to utilize a more frequent payment schedule (such as weekly, or bi-weekly) if that is better suited to their needs.

While the payment plan is in effect, the customer will still be required to pay their ongoing and future electricity bills as normal. It is important to note that payments plans only assist with the repayment of historical, outstanding charges and do not incorporate consideration for any new bills the customer may incur during the duration of the plan terms.

For a Payment Plan and account to remain in good standing, installments must be paid by their scheduled due date(s) and ongoing bills paid on or before their listed due dates. 

Payment Plan Eligibility:

In order to establish a Payment Plan, a customer must meet the following criteria:

  • The service account must be active
  • The requestor for the plan must be the account-holder
  • There is a limit of 2 payment plans per any 12-month period
  • Accounts must be active for a period of 6-months 
  • The customer’s account details must be up to date. In some instances, the Customer Service Representative may require the customer to submit a Customer Information Update form in order to provide a payment plan
  • The requested plan may not exceed 3 months from the plan initiation date
  • Corporate accounts requesting a payment plan will require completion of a Personal Guarantee for the account balance by a local director or owner
  • Existing payment plans cannot be reissued where the plan repayment amount is increased or where the final installment date would exceed 3 months from original issue date
    • For example, an original plan for $500 to be paid in monthly installments over 2 months could be revised for the remaining amount in the plan to be paid in bi-weekly installments over 3 months (from the original date). However, an original plan that is already for 3 months cannot be revised for a longer period of time.

How Do You Request a Payment Plan?

Customers may request a payment plan by completing the payment plan request web-form using the link below and a customer service representative will respond by email within 1-3 business days. If a customer is eligible for a payment plan and no further information is required to process the request, the payment plan will be generated and issued via email for secure electronic signature. Where a customer does not have a verified email address on file, a customer service representative will respond to the customer and advise of their options to receive and sign their payment plan terms accordingly.

Request a Payment Plan

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