My CUC (PowerPay)

The My CUC portal enables you to:

  • Pay your bills
  • View and download your bills
  • Set automatic recurring payments
  • View payment history
  • View and track your consumption
  • Anticipate the dollar amount of your next bill


If you don't have an account visit My CUC Registration to register today. To register, enter all of the required fields which can be found on your monthly statement. 

Once you log in you may add multiple accounts, allowing you one master log in and the ability to switch between all of your CUC accounts. 

Under the Payment tab you may remit a payment or schedule automatic payments.

The Customer Connect feature allows you to view your electric consumption and even provides you with an interim cost amount to date based on the kWh's used so far. 

To log in, visit the My CUC Login.  A "how to guide" is included below.


Customer Connect

The Customer Connect portal can be accessed through the My CUC platform. Customer Connect provides customers with access to view their smart meter data, primarily used to track kWh consumption and energy costs. The metered data can be reviewed at a monthly, weekly or daily level. Through Customer Connect, customers can compare their usage between months, set thresholds to receive notifications, and monitor their ongoing usage to detect where appliances may become faulty or to identify opportunities to cut back on energy. While the consumption data available is at the meter level, customers can review time of use parameters and track consumption patterns against their typical activities to correlate with appliance usage or otherwise determine key sources of their energy consumption.


Setting Notifications in Customer Connect

A key tool in Customer Connect is the ability to add specified threshold parameters for an account to receive notifications. Notification thresholds can be set for a monthly, weekly, or daily period, which may help customers with ongoing, passive monitoring for their account.

After accessing your Customer Connect account, the User Profile option should be selected in the Settings menu on the left side of the screen. Under the Notifications panel, select the option Add Email to add your preferred e-mail address or addresses for notifications. After adding recipient email address(es), in the Threshold Notifications sub-panel, select Add Notification. Notification thresholds may be based on a Usage (kWh) value, or a Cost ($) value within the defined time range. If your threshold values are met in the period defined, you will receive a notification, which may alert you to instances of high consumption/costs for awareness and budgeting purposes.



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