Interim Renewable Infusion Study

In 2017, in consultation with Leidos Engineering LLC, CUC published an Interim Renewable Infusion Study to establish technical capacity boundaries for intermittent renewable generation interconnections without compromising grid system stability. The study included scenarios associated with a range of existing thermal generation capacity dispatch and reserve margins such that a range of technical stability limits could be explored against the operating costs impacts. A baseline scenario was also prepared in respect to the intermittent generation capacities already interconnected, or approved to be interconnected, to the system.

The 2017 Interim Renewable Infusion Study included the Seven Mile Beach planned Substation but did not include in the analysis the impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) so as to best emulate the state of the grid system at the time of the study.

It is anticipated that further studies will be undertaken to continue to inform system technical limits for intermittent renewable generation resources in order to safeguard system reliability as continued progress is made toward the energy transition in alignment with CUC's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).


See attached the 2017 Interim Renewable Infusion Study.

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