Terminating an Electrical Account

Account terminations must be requested by completing the Service Termination Request Form online via our website. We ask for at least 3 business days to process the form and terminate the account. Once signed, forms are automatically submitted to our customer service team at service@cuc.ky

A final bill will be issued 5 business days after the termination of the account. Notification of the final bill will be sent as normal by the preferred billing method identified on the account. Payment of the final bill will be due on or before the due date issued on the billing statement. If the final bill remains unpaid for longer than 30 days it will be transferred to an active account in the name of the respective customer, or issued to a debt collection agency for payment. 

Security deposits are refunded, minus the final bill amount and may be issued via transfer to another CUC account, local cheque, local bank transfer, or by international draft or wire. The preferred method of refund should be indicated on the Service Termination Request Form. For refund via direct deposit the bank details should be completed entirely and accurately on the submitted form to avoid any delays. 




Any fees charged by the bank for the transfer methodology of choice are deducted from the deposit refund prior to transfer.

Apply to active CUC account

3 - 5 Business Days


Local cheque (CI)

15 - 20 Business Days


Deposit via Direct deposit to local bank account

10 - 15 Business Days


Wire transfer

15 - 20 Business Days


Overseas draft

10 - 15 Business Days


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